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Did You Know That Providence Rhode Island Is Full of Black History & Culture? via Essence

Although the destination has a reputation for being a bit melanin deficient, the historical presence of Black people in one of the first and pivotal slave states, is loaded with the contributions of the enslaved Africans that literally built the city of Providence and subsequently its textile industry.

PVD Fest '18
PVD Fest '18

Remember a little something called the Cotton Gin? The blueprints are still there. Learning of its origination and creation of the textile industry that affected Black lives for decades, is a big draw and attraction for Black families to visit Providence.

Activist and public historian, Elon Cook Lee, conducts a tour in and around Brown University and RISD that is a must when you visit the city.  “Providence is a great place for Black families to explore during the summer because it is full of eclectic arts events and activities. There are walking tours throughout the city covering the last 400 years of African and African American history. There are rotating history and art exhibits at the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Brown University and the Center for Reconciliation, which is walking distance from Brown’s campus.

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